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Chloe Norlane on February 14, 2014 - 4:55 pm in Charity

It’s no secret that over the past 3-5 years, not for profit organizations have been using the web to help boost awareness for their campaigns, their brand and their fund raising drives. There’s just one small problem, most of the web and social media sites these organizations set up end up looking somewhat average. Luckily for the Windsor-Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation website, that’s not the case at all; their all new responsive website is fantastic!

Cancer Centre Website

The first thing I thought when I checked out the layout and design of the Cancer Centre website was, “this is responsive”. Lo and behold it is! That means no matter what device (PC, tablet or mobile), you use to visit the site, it will respond and change size to your screen. The design itself is a huge upgrade from their previous version. The squares at the top of the page detailing events, donations and campaigns are great calls to action. The use of icons at the bottom to describe each campaign is also a great idea because they are easily carried through the rest of the site.

The internal pages are hit and miss depending on which ones you visit. They’re only one template so each one looks basically the same with small changes per page depending on the content displayed. For example, the It’s In Your Jeans page is mostly text with a header image change. The Seeds4Hope Grants Awarded page is still the same basic template but with the added functionality of scrolling through each Grant Recipient using some type of cool Javascript scroll feature.

By far one of my favorite sections of the website is their Events section (especially if you remember what their old one looked like). The improved Events section makes use of an actual calendar look and feel while also allowing for simple mouseovers to receive a brief of what the event entails. Click for more info on that event and you’re brought to a beautifully designed page which features a calendar, a map and much more info on the event itself.

Final Thoughts
When I first saw the post on the Cancer Centre Foundation’s website talking about the launch of their new website I thought for sure I’d be disappointed. Instead, they and their agency came up with a design that is not only on-par with some of the best Foundation websites in the area, but above it as well. In creating a design that’s appealing to both an old and new generation of donors ensures the Foundation’s success for years to come.

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