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Syles Mechanical Ltd.

Chloe Norlane on July 22, 2015 - 3:37 pm in Heating & Cooling

Twitter is a funny thing. Usually I just login to scroll through my feed to see what’s up with my friends, celebrities or brands I follow. Other times I’ll use it when there’s a huge breaking news story and other times I’ll just Tweet what I ate for dinner last night. Lately though, I’ve been using the Twitter search function a lot more. Searching hashtags is one of my favorite new things to do because you never actually realize how helpful that type of categorization is until you do some searches. For example, the other day I searched #Windsor and #WebDesign together and I found the next site I wanted to review – Syles Mechanical Ltd.

Syles Mechanical

Syles Mechanical Ltd. is a Windsor-based air conditioning company with almost 50 years of experience. They service, maintain and repair a plethora of HVAC products such as furnaces, air conditioners and water tanks. They also do plumbing and electrical services. They recently worked with web agency DMG in Windsor to redesign their website – let’s review.

Because when I initially did my search on Twitter on my phone, the first thing I noticed about the Syles website was that it was fully responsive. I love the fact that most web agencies are progressing towards doing responsive only websites. It makes the end-user experience so much more enjoyable on tablets and cell phones. The way Syles services are laid out on my 7-inch Dell tablet is beautiful.

Lifestyle Photos
Putting some personality into a website is never a bad thing, especially in the industrial service industry. The Syles website has a very family feel to it with each page featuring some type of (what appears to be) stock photo. Nonetheless, the photo selection is well thought out and the information posted with the photos makes sense.

Adding legitimate customer reviews to the website and allowing users to Write a Review directly on the site is another nice touch. Rather than have a section of “testimonials” like most other sites, Syles works their Reviews into the homepage in a subtle but useful way. I’d imagine that a review has to be approved before being posted, but it’s nice that users can add them directly on the site.

If there’s anything on the site that I would change it might be the content. What’s there is good and the grammar is perfect but I’d like to see a bit more information on the services they provide, the steps within their maintenance plan, what’s included etc. I feel like this type of information is information people are interested in and want to find easily on the website.

Other than that, well done!

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Syles Mechanical Ltd.
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