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Chloe Norlane on January 17, 2014 - 6:53 pm in Professional Services

When we first envisioned the redesign of our website, one of the things we wanted to make sure of was that we had a blog section which we could update regularly with information on all things web design. One of the types of posts we wanted to start doing was Website Reviews. We thought it’d be a great idea to review the web designs of local companies and dissect what we liked, what we didn’t like and we we thought we could improve upon. We’re not entirely sure how well this will work, so if you have any suggestions or comments on the process, comment below!

Lucas Professional Search Group Web

We figured we’d start by reviewing a site designs and programmed by Windsor marketing agency Douglas Marketing Group. They recently launched a website for Toronto headhunting firm Lucas Professional Search Group.

The clean design and overall professional look & feel of the site is very well done. The site consistently uses Google Web Fonts throughout including in the headers, content and links. The selection of orange as the third colour to compliment the green and dark & light greys works well and draws your eye to important pages. I’m surprised to see that they chose not to go with a content slider for the homepage. Most websites these days are littered with fancy image changing jQuery functions. Not this one.

Internal Pages
Nothing thoroughly amazing here, but once again the decision to create the pages using nothing but Google Web Fonts worked out very well. For those wondering, the font is called “Lato” and has several variations which are used throughout Lucas PSG. Once thing I did want to note is the use of a “sticky DIV” on pages like Areas of Expertise. The quote which sits on the left side of the website follows you as you scroll down the page. It’s a great way to draw attention to client testimonials and ensure the user doesn’t just glaze over them.

As any content marketer will tell you, having a regularly updated blog section on your website is crucial in drawing traffic to your site through SEO and marketing yourself as a source of knowledge in your field. The Lucas PSG blog is title “What’s Trending”. It’s a fairly basic looking blog, but it fits in nicely with the clean look and feel of the site overall. It’s built directly into their theme so the user isn’t re-directed to a site that looks nothing like their brand. The plugins they’re using on the sidebar of their blog are pretty standard and include: recent posts, categories and archives. They did add one custom sidebar widget called “connect” which features a Follow us on LinkedIN button.

Final Thoughts
While simple in design, the Lucas Professional Search Group site functions and navigates very well. The use of text based graphics over image based graphics ensures the website loads in a timely manner and is easily legible on all browsers. The blog section is very simplistic, almost too much, but gets the point across to the “on-the-move” professional nature of their target audience.

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