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Chloe Norlane on December 7, 2017 - 4:33 pm in Professional Services

Unique Communications has been providing businesses of Windsor-Essex County security and alarm system solutions since 1961. They specialize in reliable solutions which keep families and businesses safe with 24/7 monitoring and via a ULC approved monitoring station. They recently refreshed their website with a new look and feel that took their website to the next level.

Unique Communications Security

Rather than do a full redesign of their website, Unique Communications opted for going with a refresh, which keeps the same structure and content to all the pages but refreshes the fonts, photos and layout of the pages. The refreshed design uses updated stock photos which better encapsulate the services Unique Communications provides.

Navigation Menu
The navigation menu has been simplified to provide visits a better experience when traveling through the website. Several broken links and pages with content were removed including pages for “Commercial” and “Residential”. Instead, those pages have been made into headings which have sub-menus linking to various services pages such as: Security, Alarm Systems, Access Control and Alarm Monitoring.

Internal Pages
All internal pages have been given the same template which is a content split of 70/30. 70% of the page is content details about the service or section and the other 30% of the page is reserved for a sidebar which includes a call-2-action button, navigation links repeated and a link to the contact form.

Lastly, the Footer was optimized and streamlined to include typical information found in a Footer. A small “About Us” blurb, navigation links, contact information and the address. This section was completed utilizing WordPress Widgets instead of hard-coding the content on each page of the website, making any future updates much easier.

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Unique Communications
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