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Sebastian Agosta

Sebastian Agosta on February 24, 2017 - 1:06 am in Professional Services

Everyone likes to toot their own horn every once in a while right? I thought it’d be fun to do a quick showcase of my recently re-designed site SebastianAgosta.com. It’s an on again/off again project that ultimately ended up on again permanently just last month. The front-end programming, design and structure of the site was all done by yours truly, while the back-end responsive programmingwas completely by my good friend Andrew Siracki.

Sebastian Agosta

When I first decided to get my Windsor web design and digital marketing company started, I tried to think of how I would want to represent my brand. What colors I’d use, what photography and what type of font. In the end, I ended up with a similar shade of blue that I had on my first website, the Google web-font Lato and stock photography that accurately represented my personality (espresso, notebooks and laptops).

It’s no surprise given my experience with the WordPress platform that I would choose it as my content management system. The site is built using a 100% custom theme, which means other than the typical WordPress-shell code, every line of code on the website was programmed by me (or Andrew). WordPress made sense especially when I realized how much I would incorporate my blogs into my website, not to mention the simple contact forms that can be coded using Contact Form 7.

Once I had my design locked down and my CMS chosen, I turned my attention to the lead generation and content marketing side of the website. I programmed a Newsletter Signup form on the homepage and on the blog section of the website. Anyone who signs up will receive 1 newsletter per month that features my latest work, blog posts and client testimonials. The next lead generation piece came when I added Contact Me buttons to the footer and sidebar of the internal pages of the site. The contact form is big, requires only 4 fields and submits an email directly to me when the Submit button is clicked.

What I ended up with in the end was a well-designed, user-friendly website that not only provided information about my business services but also provides users a ton of great information on digital marketing. I hope you like it!

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