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Guthrie Optometry

Alexandria Gomez on April 25, 2017 - 4:04 pm in Medical

Guthrie Optometry is a family eye care specialist located in the Riverside Medical Centre on 7875 Riverside Dr. E. in Windsor. Dr. Tim Guthrie has been practicing eye care in the Windsor-Essex area since 1996 and started his own practice in June of 2012. Recently, he hired graphic designer Christopher Pressey to update his website design with something more modern and representative of his brand.

Dr. Guthrie Optometry

The updated Guthrie Optometry website is built using the content management system Joomla. The design of the site is a custom job which incorporates Dr. Tim’s brand, look & feel and personality. The homepage is a long scrolling homepage which includes a featured content slider with 4 slides, brief information, testimonials and a section for “Eye See, I Learn” which is a campaign that provides eye exams to junior kindergarten students across Ontario. What I like about the homepage is the use of large sections describing Dr. Guthrie’s services and experience. The testimonials at the bottom of the homepage also offer great insight into some of Dr. Guthrie’s patient reviews which are pulled directly from his Smile Reminder reviews page.

The internal pages of the site are much more simplistic, as they should be, and include a much smaller “header” section of the site. All pages includes a call to action either in the “Footer” or “Right Sidebar” which link directly to the Book an Appointment page.

The design of the Book an Appointment page is a no-fluff form page which invites users to submit their information and preferred appointment day directly to the office. The form highlights only 3 required fields and leaves the rest optional which allows users to quickly get in and out of the appointment booking page.

As with most websites these days, the design and functionality is 100% responsive to all mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

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Guthrie Optometry
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